Need a food processor

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...for making the occasional pate and sausage from pork. I was advised to get a Cuisinart food processor instead of that attachment for my Hobart N50 mixer as the former is easier to clean. I'm looking at the Cuisinart DLC-10SYP1. Recommendations please.​

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Got a very old Cuisinart/Robot Coupe given to me in the 80's.
Use it all the time..only blew it's breaker once in 30 years. It's a real workhorse - and heavy!!!
Replaced the bowl & blade with a newer version, as the old one was cracking (old HOT dishwasher- BAD!).
The new bowls have 6,879 safety features, all which I have overridden (W/glue/machining)
It still retains the "turn to operate" safety.. :rolleyes:
If I couldn't do the modified bowl thing, I WAS going to get a new $$ Robot Coupe.
Lots of used units on local papers/scamBay, etc.
Lot's of reviews out there on the"ahem" newer Cuisinart units, hence the possible decision to a $$ Robot Coupe.
G'Luck! :)
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