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    Winter season brings the Iberian Peninsula the agricultural product CARDO which is Cardoon root, which resembles celery stalks however, 3 or 4 times larger and thicker. This vegetable is commonly found in Navarra and Aragon's remote agricultural and grazing lands in the countryside. This is what Shepherds have been nourished on.

    This recipe is from Chef Karlos Arguinano ...


    SERVES 4 ...

    1.500 kilos of cardoon

    200g of Cured Panceta

    1 glass chicken broth

    1 tblsp all purpose flour

    1 Lemon * juice

    Parsley finely chopped

    Extra Virgin Olive oil

    1. Clean the stalks, exterior and threads

    2. Cut cleaned stalks into cubes of 5cm each

    3. Boil a pot of salted water

    4. Add lemon juice to the salted water 

    5. add the cardoon chunks and boil 20 minutes until tender

    5. Strain and reserve to remain warm

    6. Cut panceta and brown in saute pan

    7. Add the flour, broth and mix very well

    8. Incorporate cardoon chunks and sprinkle parsley and simmer 10 minutes more

    note ... one can bake in oven with Besamel or Bechamel sauce or garnish with roasted almonds for those who do not eat any redmeat ...  

    serve with a warm baguette and a Brut Cava ...