Nature's different colored eggs

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Joey, they love meat and eggs. I always gave them the real dirty eggs, and gave them the carcas from a roasted chicken every once in a while.......Here's a couple pics.....  Here's my rooster staring sure death in the face!..He had no fear, the dog even got him a couple of times, thought I was going to loose him, but he pulled through both times.

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nothing scarier than to be small & young and a rooster after you........well maybe a they are big.
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 those are some absolutely beautiful healthy looking chickens. nice of the turkeys to pose too...all ready for the grill? i'm sure chickens eat meat and eggs given the choice...the owners just don't want theirs eating it for whatever reason...nice looking farm....

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Aruncana eggs are beautiful. They're available at the farmers' market (NYC), but you have to ask for them. I've never seen the black or grey duck eggs though. Is it always a "novelty" factor or are there things a duck egg is significantly better for? And is the taste really that different? I've had ostrich and wasn't seeing the different taste.
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They looks so good I think I'd actually feel bad cooking them. The dark, marble coloured ones look like they belong on a mantle place. Lovely!
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