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Hi everyone!

I have a question about a 'healthy' treat. I am a gym owner and most of my members and clients are on the Paleo Diet. This is where they only eat natural foods like meats, veggies, nuts, seeds, fruits, ect. Since their sugar intake has decrease precipitously the often get sugar cravings so I want to develop a all natrual chocolate cacoa treat to sell in the gym. The ingredients would mostly be:

honey, almond flour, coconut flour, raisins, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, coconut oil, carob powder, shredded coconut, honey, cacoa butter, cacoa powder, dried fruits, vanilla extract, nuts.

Initially I don't mind having one of the employees make these but I do want to have a local bakery take care of it. My questions are:

1. How do I go about having someone develop a recipie for this? 

2. How do you suggest working this out with a local bakery? 

Looking forward to your advice on this matter. Thank you.
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With those ingredients, I can't imagine it would be too difficult to whip up a decent cookie. There are lots of recipes online for cookies that use honey as the sweetener. Google a few of those and play around with the ingredients to see what tastes best.

I would imagine the best approach to finding a bakery is to just start making phone calls. The biggest problem you'll come across is finding a bakery with all the right ingredients for what you need. On the other hand, if you say you're interested in a long term contract on these cookies, the bakery may consider adding the necessary ingredients to their supplies list. It'll probably come down to, which bakery owner is the most flexible.

You should definitely call around, though. Even if you find a few places willing to make these cookies for you, you'll want to consider who can offer the lowest cost.

On a side note, you could have a cookie contest amongst your employees and/or the gym members. Rather than assigning one person the task, offer up a reward to whomever comes up with the best recipe that follows the guidelines of the diet.
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