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I know this may not be a response directly to the question, but what does natto actually taste like. I have seen reviews on it and apparently it taste nasty, but is there anything you could do to make it taste good? I would love to try it one day :D
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I use it to deter thieves and vampires.

Seriously though, it's not a staple in my house. I've only had it by itself (out of pure curiosity) but I've been half tempted to bury it in a scrambled egg dish with lots of scallions on top. Personally, I find the aroma far more offensive than the actual taste. I'm interested to see what other people do with it.
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Natto eater here. In Japan, it's a popular breakfast item (although not exclusively), eaten with a bowl of rice and miso soup. Natto, which is fermented soybeans, isn't meant to be eaten straight out of the package. On it's own, it's pretty bitter. Additions would be shoyu, hot mustard, and green onions.

I've got to imagine it's an acquired taste and texture. It's super slimy and stringy. I've been eating it for over 40yrs, so I can't really remember my first time. It's recently become more popular here in the states among health enthusiasts. My favorite way to eat it is with a bowl of hot sticky rice!
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I find the Tokyo breakfast version (shoyu, mustard, negi/scallions) a little bland. Needs more salt and umami. I use kochujang (Korean spicy miso) instead of the shoyu and mustard. Put over rice and eat for breakfast.

You can roll it inside makizushi if you like. I'd still use kochujang instead of fake wasabi.

It can be cooked into nikujaga (beef and potato Japanese-style), and it's quite good that way. My kids liked that at their school in Kyoto.
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I had it years ago in Japan and I didn't particularly like and and have never eaten it again.

MAybe I should try it again, but then, maybe I should not....
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