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Hello all Aussie chefs. I write to you asking to know what your government regulated food standards branch is called? In particular I want to have clinical paperwork on steaks. Even further I am steak grading 'blue, to rare to medium to char' where can I access this info? The kind of shit someone would learn in a culinary school, apprenticeship style. Gotta love having simply worked in a kitchen aye? maybe school is cool?!

I had a dispute at work and I want to clear the air with some data..... Here's what the national code says in regards to such and such topic.

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Seconde this. 80-110 blue rare, 115-130 medium rare, 140- medium, 150- medium well, 160- well
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I would have to disagree about 80 degrees being bleu, thats virtually raw. A cow's body temperature is 102 degrees. Not much protein coagulation of the muscle being cooked is happening at 80 degrees. A steak "cooked" sous vide to 80 degrees would show that its still essentially raw but a steak cooked in a traditional way to 80 degrees might be considered bleu to some because of the maillard and flavor on the surface but the center is still raw. I would assume a lot of this depends on ones definition on bleu as well.
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I thought it was a bit extreme too. To be honest I googled steak temps and pulled the info off a site called what'
On second check I found they don't have any reputable sources. Like you said different peoples.
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this is why I hate steak. sometimes you get one back and you say to yourself... if I cut into a steak like this and say it's not medium rare, then what is?

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