naming my restaraunt... i need help... FAST!!

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hey guys. in my class at the CIA, we have to do a project... to create a restaraunt.

i need help with the name. here is what i have so far

i will open it up in cannon beach city, oregon

50 seat restaraunt

covers expected lunch: 100 dinner: 150

hours opened: lunch 11am to 3pm

dinner: 5pm to 11pm

lunch served monday through saturday and dinner served tuesday through saturday.

cannon beach is awesome. the restaraunt will be by the ocean.... overlooking the ocean.

please let me know of your ideas. thanks
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i would like to add that i will be serving american cuisine.....true american food taking total advantage of the fact that america is a melting pot.

thank you all for your help
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Going with the name Cannon Beach City, my first response would be to call your restaurant 'The Brass Monkey'. It's a little bit of navel history, anyway when the navy was comprised of tall ships armed with cannons for fire power, the brace that stored the cannon balls was called a brass monkey. Also it just sounds cool and it will turn heads, because if someone says ' where do you want to go for lunch ?' and you reply ' let's go to the brass monkey' it stirs their curiosity.
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I was just at a conference where one of the discussions was in regards to how your name affects the number of hits your (B&B) web site got -- I'm sure it would hold true to how many people you could get to walk through the doors as well.

The study was conducted on tourism sites in Florida -- those places that had beach or ocean in their names, had 3-4 times more hits than those places that didn't! Ditto for other "themes" ie. mountains, woods in the appropriate destinations -- it's something to consider...


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