Name 3 foods that that used to be cheap, but now aren't.

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I'd add brisket to the other beef bits that used to be cheap. And seems like it has been at least a year since I saw that chicken wings cost more per pound than breasts. That's crazy!

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Ox tails, beef cheek meat, and caviar. During the 1800's, caviar was so cheap that it was offered as bar snacks in American saloons.
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Smoked eel, spare ribs, herring.
Well, the spare ribs for sure, herring and eel wasn't cheap cheap, but definitely not the stupid prices they are now (esp the smoked eel)
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Incidentally, I was at a demonstration class run by Jacques Pépin and I asked him about this. I noted that a lot of the things that cookbook writers a decade or so ago used to say were super-cheap are now very expensive. He agreed... and then said, "There are still a few bargains, actually. I doubt most of you are going to want to hear this, though. Pork kidneys are almost as good as lamb, and brains are still very cheap."

I love that man.
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Some years back there was a Chinese restaurant down towards the south end of the valley that had a dish I really like. It was stir fried pork kidneys with cabbage and scallions in a light but spicy sauce. Sadly, it changed ownership and the menu went more main stream Chinese American. Oh well.


ps: Hey, wait a minute - I know how to cook, I can probably make a decent rendition of the dish at home, after doing a bit of research.

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