Mystery of Cheese

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Everyone loves cheese no matter the kind or what its on, mostly. After watchine some videos on You Tube bought Boska Holland Partyclette To-Go Oak, Mini Tea Light Raclette Set, European Oak Wood of Amazon and it got me thinking. Cheese, regular vs melted. Why is it that putting a slice of chedder on a burger is good but melted is so much Better. Lot of time just put a slice on a roll then the burger on top letting its heat melt it while other will melt it right on top while the burgers in the grill. So many cheese take on a different not sure what when melted, soft like brie, mozzarella, ricotta or hard like cheeder, swiss. Is it just texture or does it change something with the structure of cheese itself, you guys know the science of cooking
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I don't like cheese!

I can eat it when it is melted, but not raw.
It's a texture thing
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I've found this is the case with brie. Baked brie is so much nicer than room temp brie!
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