Mysterious present

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I’ve just been given a present.
It’s a cylinder of glass 14 inches long by 3.5 inches diameter. Made by Pyrex, Corning in the U.S. It sits in a wire cradle and instructions on the glass tell not to use it without the cradle. The ends are open and, unless bits are missing, is meant to be that way.
What do I use it for?

Many thanks

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My mom has been using these bread tubes for years. Whenever we find one on a rummage sale or at a flea market, we pick it up for her because [we thought] you can't get them anymore. Grease the tube well, stick your dough in the center and as it raises, it'll fill the tube. Bake like you normally would and you'll have a terrific round loaf that makes cute little sandwiches, etc.
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Wow! You all just enlightened me!
I picked up three tin cylinders at an antique shop-about the same diameter and length, only they are shaped as a star, a heart and an oval. I bought them because they looked unique, but I never knew what they were for.
Thanks, fellow cheftalkers!
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