Myrtle Beach, SC

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Just spent a few days in Myrtle Beach, SC. My first visit to a "tourist" beach area in years and I remember now why I have avoided going to one. while there, we went to two celebrity named restaurants.
Saturday we went to Paula Deen's Family Kitchen for supper ( We went early, 430pm, so we were seated quickly. Nice place, open, airy, well lit. We did the family style dinner, so 5 of us shared pot roast, BBQ ribs, fried chicken, creamed potatoes, collards, fried okra, and creamed corn. The food was hot, fresh and tasted good. lots of FOH staff, watched as a party of 12 near us left. from last person leaving to ready for next customers was about 5 minutes. the family style concept works well here. small number of choices. most of the meat and all the veg cook long and slow, so I doubt the kitchen is ever swamped.
yesterday went to Wahlburgers for burgers.( had a sorta industrial decor, open ceiling with exposed beams and duct work, factory style lighting. simple metal tables and chairs. good burger, cooked proper, meat had good flavor.
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We visit the MB area often, but can't say either the wife or I choose to hit the chain places much. On our last trip we jogged down to Charleston and tried Queen 82. Quite good food, and perfect service in a quaint, 'southern' type garden atmosphere. As far as dining in Myrtle Beach, I'm partial to Sun City Cafe. Mom and Pop type of place, with good food and no pretensions.
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