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Just a thought, Ok. Bobby Flay has been on Iron Chef twice now, I was just thinking wouldn't it be awesome to see all of the other chef's on the food network take a shot on the show. I'd like to see Mario Batali vs the italian Iron Chef. or Michael Smith vs Morimoto.
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Good thought! They should have challenges from other chefs around the world! I haven't watched it lately. I myself, would like to see Jacques Pepin be a challenger. But I think it should open up to different challengers.

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I wonder who Emeril would choose to do battle with. I'd like to see him Bam! Chairman Kaga and Kishi Asako. :D He'd probably choose Chen Kenichi since Chen is also known for his falmboyant cooking style (flipping a wok full of boiling sauce). Or Emeril just might return to his roots as a methodical chef and put away his persona for a hour. Wouldn't that be refreshing? This would be one way fot the TVFN to force me to watch Emeril.

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