My rosmary christmas tree

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I bought a live 18'' tall rosemary christmas tree the other day instead of a real christmas tree. I'm not advertising anything here but you guys have to get one.
I have been plucking rosemary of this tree and using it in my cooking. There is an abundance of herb of this tree and the best part is that it keeps growing. I know, I know. Im probably a lil to excited but it was only $7.
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What a great idea! Talk about "the gift that keeps on giving!" :D But one concern: it hasn't been sprayed with pesticide, I hope :eek:
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My neighbor has a rosemary "shrub" that he shares, and it is awesome. Can't use it fast enough and this thing keeps on going year 'round, with a slight slowdown in Jan-Feb. Every couple years he has to cut it back, like 2'-3'!

Might want to plant yours outside after the holidays......
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My wife buys a rosemary plant every year, and every winter she brings it in the house, and every Feb or so, she throws it out as it is now a dry stick. What's the trick to keeping one alive in the house?
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Rosemary needs a lot of direct sun and the big thing: Warmth and no cold drafts! In warm climates it grows huge and is used as groundcover. The biggest rosemary plants I ever saw were growing in the medians of freeways in southern California. Oh yeah, it doesn't like to be overwatered.
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Go figure! I have rosemary in the garden that stayed green all through last winter, and I had planted it (unknowingly) right under a dripping hose spigot. Well, I never fixed the drip, because my rosemary and thyme were doing so well in that wet soil!! Right now, 1 1/2 yrs. after planting it, it has grown about 2 feet high.
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The x-mas rosemary trees are very popular here. I have two potted on each side of the door at the shop. 3 yrs old,A little hair cut keeps them very trim and our food very tasty. I find the less attention I give them the better they do.
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