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I thought I woudl explain a bit about my behavior here in the Late Night Cafe on politics.

In the non cooking forums I participate in, there are areas dedicated to political discussion. I've been active in those forums for a number of years and I have developed the habilt of being politically vociferous. I recognize my behavior here is different than that of my other cooking friends.

While I hope to influence you all for my beliefs, I recognize that is likely not the effect of these discussions. I have a lot of fun in them and hope not to offend. Just discuss.

Thanks for listening. Any who want to take me to task may do so in this thread.

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Hey Phil,
Politically motivated posts? You?
Not being the smartest person here, I'm not really afraid that you might influence me with your beliefs because when I read one of them I usually don't know what the **** you're talking about:D

keep posting!
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I often disagree with the substance of your remarks, but I never disagree with your right to express them. As long as the discourse remains civil, without personal attacks, I'm all for it.
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There is not a single thing that I agree with you. I find your ideas outrageous and dangerous but I respect your willingness to persuade the others in a civilized manner. This is what politics are about. We exchange ideas in order to persuade each other! :)
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Enjoy this right, because it will be snuffed out in the U.S. if some of our "leaders" have their way.

Ave, Phil! Opine away. This is another version of meat and drink to me! :lips:

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