My next protein to Sous vide

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Hi all,

I have sous vide different beef cuts and chicken, but now going to attempt a pork loin. From what I have read, when using sous vide the lower the temperature, the longer the cook. I have also read for pork 160 deg F seams to be the the norm...

So for me texture is just as important as flavor.

What have people here used as guidelines to cook a pork loin?

Right now I am thinking 160 deg F for 6 hrs with a 3 lb loin. Thoughts?

If this is a good set up, what should I expect for a texture?

Thanks again all!!!!
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The 160 degree range would be for a tougher cut and cooking longer. The Pork loin is more tender and could be cooked in the 140 range and for less time. If it were me I would cook at 140 degree for between 2 and 4 hours. I would then glaze and caramelize the outside on the grill fast over high heat......look on the internet for some charts on correct times and temps. The amount of time also depends on the girth of the loin....Good luck.......ChefBillyB
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I do my pork loin/tenderloin at 135 and it is amazing. If you are shooting for 160 you might as well chuck it in the oven, why do sous vide in the first place?

But BillyB is correct, much less temp and much less time.
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140 for pork loin when I am cooking with a traditional method. For sous vide I would think that 135 would likely be enough...especially if you don't have a way to quick sear. The longer the sear, the more it's going to cook.
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