My new pan!

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I was at a gift/antique store that was randomly off the road today, and found one of those old corn muffin pans, you know, the ones that have to be seasoned and are in the shape of ears of corn, made out of cast iron.....

I've always wanted one.

2 questions- I've never had cast iron before. What do I do with it, how do I keep it clean, etc?

What should I make first?!?

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EBAY offers lots of those pans for sale. Do a search under cast iron and also loaf pans and bread pans. Seriously.
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What kind of shape is it in now? Does it seem like it's seasoned and ready to use (black, with sort of a sheen), or is it sticky/rusty/dirty or otherwise yucky? If you're not sure, the best thing to do is scrub off whatever seasoning might be on it, and certainly clean off any rust. You'll need to use steel wool for that -- but never again afterwards. Scrub it well, DRY IT THOROUGHLY, IMMEDIATELY. Then you can re-season it:

Coat it lightly but completely with vegetable shortening (Crisco or the like). Put it in a 300 - 350 degree oven for 30 - 60 minutes. Take it out, wipe off any extra grease with a paper towel. You may have to repeat this process a couple of times.

When you use it, grease it very lightly, then heat it (really hot) in the oven before you pour in your batter. Clean it gently after use; some people won't even wash cast iron, just wipe it off. Now that mine is well seasoned, I do wash it, but still dry it right away. Also, rub it with the shortening before you put it away. Once you get used to it, it's really easy to care for, and great to use! Have fun with it.
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The only thing I would add to Suzannes instructions is to put the cast iron pan ontop of a sheet pan when you first season it as to avoid any oil dripping off into the oven and perhapes causing you a bit of grief
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I spray my cornstick pans with PAM when I use them. (They are already seasoned as Suzanne described and preheated in a hot oven.) Not only do the cornsticks fall out easily, the PAM adds to the seasoning making a nonstick pan.

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If you do get something stuck on the pan or burnt, after it's seasoned, try putting kosher salt on it, heating it up on the stovetop, then scrubbing with a stiff brush (not metal). Works great for cleaning off gunk!
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Only thing I would add is to wash it with water only. If you hit it with any soap you have to start the seasoning process all over again.

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