My Mom Has a Toothache

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Hi. My mom is 60 and as she gets older she's having more and more tooth problems. Because of this she cannot eat a lot of the common foods that we all enjoy.

I recently made her scrambled eggs with a double boiler and constantly whisked the eggs until they were creamy and she really really liked them. I know how to cook, but I don't really know a lot of "soft" food recipes at all. And the more I look around, the more I notice that there aren't really that many resources on this topic.

I'm posting because I'd like to know if anyone has soft food ideas for me to try out.

- Peter
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Welcome to cheftalk.

Pureed soups are not only helpful in this situation but they can be really really tasty.  I like to make creamy baked potato soup, or roasted curried cauliflower puree, mushroom soup, there are too many to list.  Basically any kind of soup (unless it has chunks of meat) can be pureed.  You'll want to get yourself one of those stick blenders to make this job easy. 
Eggs as you found out can be perfect for this as well.  Crustless quiches might be a lifesaver here, and desserts like flan and pana cotta or rice pudding too.  Maybe even a savory rice pudding will work.
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How about pasta with a sauce made with ground meat? Maybe just cook the pasta a bit longer than you normally would?

Mashed potatoes instead of boiled or friied?

Shepard's pie?

As Koukou said: any type of soup....

Even bean or lentil soup. Just cook the beans a bit longer and either eat like that or blitz.

Hummous as a starter or snack. Eggplant puree (baba ganoush)?

Maybe tell us a bit more about mam's favourite food before she had tooth problems?
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