My Macarons don't form a foot :(

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Hi everyone. I have been trying to make Macarons lately with Italian meringue. I am following each and every step as described in Pierre Herme book of Macarons (which is by the way exactly the same method as taught to us in our school). When I made those in school and a few times after that they came out perfect. But lately my Macarons are not technically Macarons though they taste great.! They problems are;
1) the foot is not being formed
2) some of the batches rise too much from centre and cracks from the top
Can anyone help me with why is this happening? Lemme add that this time around i am not using convection oven. Could it be that? Or is it something wrong with recipe, technique or heat in oven??? Pleaseeeee help!!!!
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There's one thing o want to add. When i make Italian meringue, i beat eggs for 4-5 minutes after adding sugar syrup at 118 degrees. My resulting meringue is very smooth, shiny and glossy and form stiff peaks? Should i beat the meringue to this extent?
Secondly i live in quite a humid town. Could humidity be a factor?
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Humid you could affect, are you testing them until the are slightly dry to the touch before baking?
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I agree with @laurenlulu  that humidity is a factor. I would wait until they are dry to the touch of your finger and then wait a little more. Also, you will want to find the least humid area of your house to let them dry to the touch of your finger because obviously the area you bake them in is way too humid to really get a good crust forming. 

To control the humidity in your house or just an area of the house you can get a de-humidifier, make sure you are using an exhaust fan the whole time you are in the kitchen, if you are in a newer constructed home make sure you turn your humidifier off on the HVAC system. If it is outdoor humidity, then you have to turn on an air conditioner in your home if you have one and close all doors and windows to regulate air quality in your home. If you do not have a central air conditioner then there are portable ones you can by for using in one room only. 

Macarons are so susceptible to humidity that in the end, if you can't do some of things suggested above you might just have to learn to deal with foot-less macarons. However, if you are selling them to the public, then make an investment to change the air quality in your home to help you with your baking.

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Are you getting a good preheat on your oven?

Sometimes (always sometimes with macs lol) if you are not getting a good pop of heat during the first minute or so the crust will set and be too "glued" in place to rise at the base.

Kinda plays into the cracked crowns as well...that steam has to go somewhere.

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