My isomalt is stuck in the mold!!!!!!!!!!! Again!!!

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So I've made my own beer bottle mold and made isomalt bottle with ease!! But I want to make jewels, I've tried making my own molds, (using the same stuff and the bottle) and buying molds. The hand made ones didnt work because the jewels were to small, but my big problem is the isomalt stuck in my bought mold and I couldnt get it out. I tried pushing (which cracked and broke them) I tried reheating to soften them out, water, freezing EVERYTHING!! Finnally I gave up and soaked them out of the mold, which saved my mold but I still dont have any jewels for my cake. Is there a certain kind of mold I should use? Or did I do something wrong? I didnt grease the mold but I thought sense I didnt grease the bottle mold it was ok..... Please help me
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What are your molds made of?  The easiest would of course be flexible silicon molds.

The more you heat isomalt the harder it becomes.  Back it off a bit so your gems have some give and aren't quite as brittle.  This could help you coax them out.
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If you constantly get sticking when the sugar is correct you need to increase the density of the mold. Lighten just a tad on the hardener. I assume you are using a two part formula for the molds.

Powder color is best to use.

Don't over cook the sugar.


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I don't know why my "reply" button is not working... but try casing your jewels in sugar, much like they make jellies in cornstarch casts. Basically you need an original to imprint the shape into the sugar and then pour your isomalt in the hollow. Moisten the sugar until its a wet sand consistency, i.e. shape-able. The downside is that the surface of the isomalt will be covered with sugar in the final product, since they are jewels this may be what you want... Hope this helps. Also, you can cast chocolate into flour using this method, but never tried it with isomalt and flour. If it works you might get some cleaner egdes as the smaller particle size.
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Jennifer, I was surprised I did not see this answer yet I know you posted months ago but here goes anyway. Crisco. You need to crisco the mold lightly before you pour the hot isomalt in. Some people use PAM but it does not work for me. Hope this helps


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