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Hello ALL!!! My name is Anthony and I am bursting into the beautiful world of Cake Decor!! I have a portfolio in the makings, so you will definitely get to check out some of my work!! I also have a question for all of the PROS out there; I have a wedding cake project for ,this Summer, where the bride wants cream cheese icing on her outdoor, summer wedding cake.. I know that this isn't really a good idea, but if there is a way to create a thicker cream chesse icing for this purpose.. I could really use help on this!! If anyone could help me out....:eek:
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Tony  She and you are looking for trouble. Don't know the climate of the state your in nor the time of day. Thicker means nothing you must consider the melting temp.. Like a butter cream is about 85 -95.. To serve it is fine , but to have it sit in front of bridal table on display for any tme is a fiasco plus the feasability of food poisoning. Which I am sure bride would not want. You can display it indoors .roll it out to have them take first cut then back inside to cut for guest.  GOOD LUCK


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I agree with Ed. I've been decorating for more than 18 years now, and I REFUSE to put cream cheese icing on the outside of a wedding cake. It just warms up and slides down. If you have decorations on it, even worse. You can use cream cheese FILLING for the inside of the cake, but not for the outside. 
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As you can see it did not take long before your question was answered. We Look forward to seeing some of your work. There are wonderful people here that will guide you in the forums.
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I'm on the same page as the others. Cream cheese frosting is nasty in the summer because it's so soft unless you do some crazy chemical voodoo on it. But it's not easy to work with. Tell the bride you'll do a cream cheese filling. That's really what the cake is all about: cake flavor and the filling.

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