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    My name is Grace Barnes and I am studying BA Fashion at University

    I am currently looking into the influences that colours and textures of food, professional chefs use within their dishes, may have on the Fashion industry. I would be very grateful if you could find the time to answer the questions below to help me with my initial research.

    Why did you choose to be a chef?

    What is it about being a chef that appealed when you were choosing your career?

    What do you enjoy about cooking?

    Within cooking, flavours are obviously important but how important are colours and textures within your dishes?

    What colours and other exciting textures do you enjoy using within your dishes and why?

    What is your main inspiration for the dishes which you create and include on your menu?

    When cooking do you use organic food? And if you do use it does it make a difference? Do you feel you should use it or do you feel the colour or the fact that it is organic adds something to your dish?

    In your kitchen how important is the uniform that you wear?

    Does each of your staff wear the same uniform (chef whites) depending on their role, for example the sous chef, or

    do they have alternative colour trousers or hats?

    Is there anything you would like to change about chef whites?

    Any further comments would be very much appreciated

    Thanks :)