My how things change

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Last year my F&B manager was terminated.
Didn't break my heart, she was a terrible leader and knew little of food.
I applied for the position and long story short, they brought in a guy who they planned to promote to Hospitality Director this coming July with the intention that I would learn from him and be given the promotion then.
I was encouraged to bring in my replacement and train him in what I do while focusing my attention on learning from the new F&B.
All good, but I did mention to a few that I had put myself in a precarious position, having someone who could do my job while the position above me was filled. If they changed their mind I was the easiest replaced.
But, I'd been with the company nearly 8 years, multiple promotions and raises, always treated well, so I went into it with good faith.
Also, my replacement was going to a 7 week Sushi school to be ready for the newly remodeled Steak and Sushi restaurant.
So, I was surprised (but not terribly so) when at the beginning of April they told me they could no longer afford me.
The thing that bothered me was I never held them up for raises or promotiuons, they always came to me. I thought that if they were paying me X amount that one, I deserved it, and two, they could afford it. 
I was told that they could keep me on to help get the new restaurant going since the Chef was in school.
I continued to work for 2 weeks but as time went on couldn't see giving that much effort only to be let go in 7 weeks.
I was getting 1 or 2 hours of sleep most nights.
So I put in my notice, and they terminated me on the spot.
I'm sure they were worried that once I decided to leave I could do a lot of damage.
That's not like me, but I understand they couldn't take the chance.
My biggest mistake was putting in a notice without having something lined up, but I just couldn't continue.
Well, I start at one of the nicer restaurants in the area on Wednesday, I'll be working the saute' station, which I love.
Going to be a nice change to have only 6 feet of responsibility.
The Chef there is leaving after the summer, so this will probably turn into something more.

*cliff notes*
Suddenly un-needed after 8 years, got a job at a nicer place.
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weren't you busting your A$$ at a Indian casino? What do they mean they can't afford you? Well, bad cess to them the dirty rotten so and so's.

All the best at the new place. Congratulations.
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That's really lousy, but I suppose not incredibly surprising (as you pointed out). On the flip side, good for you for getting a new job in a better establishment! And so quickly, too. Hopefully this one treats you better than the last.
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 Jim I really don't think you will have any problems in any task or job you take. They may be sorry they let you go. Time will tell Good luck to you in your new endeavor.
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I'm with Ed.  They acted in bad faith; and that stuff usually bites back. 

Cheers on your new position; may you be more than content.
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