My first "real" job

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so im a recent graduate of culinary arts. during my education i was always confident with what i did. now, becoming an entry level line cook scares me. i read what they ask of you and i'm like, "can i do that?" i'm scared to serve people raw chicken too. thats another big one! i gave my chef raw chicken and he tries to explain the touching your hand this but it doesnt work. i need advice. what's so scary about being a line cook? cause the heat and the enviorment (fast pace) does not bother me. its creating good food i know i can do X_X
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There's nothing scary about it.

Timing, organization & commonsense are all you really need to cook decently(well, work ethic & some culinary knowledge could help too, digress...).
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I remember my first line cook job (long time ago) I told the KM that I wanted to be a chef and he asked, "why the hell would you want to do that? You have to keep learning stuff" haha, I still laugh to this day about that...I was pretty scared at first, especially on my first day when I saw the burly looking broiler guy, the intimidating black saute cook and the short tempered fry cook. They looked at me (scrawny little and naive white boy) messed with me at first, tried to push my buttons and break me but after they realized I wasn't giving up, they taught me everything they had learned and I became one of them. And when I left for another opportunity, they said, "you're gonna be missed, good luck". Bottom line, just stay focused and learn everything you can.
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The scariest thing is not being confident. Learn the menu as quick as you can. We just hired someone in the corporate place I work, and she has been there or over a month and doesn't know the portions of the different chicken dishes. And it's corporate, so they are very very simple. The best advice I can give is keep your head low, and learn everything you can. When you feel like you can do a new station, step up and ask to try it with someone who is experienced close at hand to help out. I moved from the char grill to flat top by asking to give it a shot after watching the other guys and learning the different menu items. That way you will show initiative, which is huge. Being scared is normal when you leave school, where you are allowed to screw up, and into the real world where that costs money. Just remember, ask alot of questions. If you are even remotely unsure and you ask, you can't be wrong. If you wing it and screw up, you will learn the hard way.
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