My first Japanese Knife

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    I bought a knife from the same ebay vendor as the guy who bought a Yamawaku and got jnats instead, my knife was correct but the yamawaku for my chef ended up being a 16 layer damascus santoku with western handle by Hideyuki Tanaka, although in that price range I believe it was an apprentice forge. Ive checked the makers signature with the owners of a japanese grocery store since I never learned to speak japanese as a.kid, and it apparently does not say.hideyuki or kazayuki tanaka. I am happy with the quality just not pleased at the false advertising. cuts like a dream, is very comfortable, and im very happy with the balance for a half tang gyuto.

    Im gonna order from pauls finest next time, or buy a hiroshi from a store called Knife here in.Toronto. I saw a.couple of beautiful pieces there in the $150-250 range that are made only for that shop. I think im forming an addiction.