my first cake

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hey all. i am a cook and on my internship and i have always been happy to bake, even though i have little experiance at it... i love it.

today was my day off so i decided to gon into work at 4am to hang out with the cake decorating chef. for the first hour, i watched him work and asked questions here and there. then came my turn to decorate a cake. we cut it into 4 pieces. i was scared at first becasue i have messed up a lot of cakes by trying to cut them in two and now it turned out good. nice clean cuts

then he wanted me to pour simple syrup on the pieces, which was easy and then use a jam filling. that went well until i noticed i screwed up and put filling on the very top of the fourth piece. he he

then came the frosting part. it was somewhat hard... actually, it was really hard. the top i stuggled with becasue i always had a dome on the top of the cake. i need to work on that. then came the sides which was tricky and we took a plastic tool with teeth looking marks on them and made a nice design on the sides. that was hard as well. he wanted me to make a boarder on the top and bottom. it turned out good, a little uneven though

i loved doing the cake. it made me very happy and motivated to try more.
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That is so hilarious

I took pastry classes a few years ago I found it quite more difficult than expected.

Good for you!

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Hi Isaac

That's good to hear that you have an inclination to cake decorating. All successful pastry chefs started that path one way or another. If a person is well motivated to succeed in a particular field in the food industry, perseverance and willingness to sacrifice is key to achieve your goals.

Keep it up and Best of luck.
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That's great. A couple more cakes and your technique at manipulating the frosting will improve. Practice makes perfect. I barely remember my first cake, but I'm sure it didn't look like they do today! ;)
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I got into cake decorating much the same way. I was fascinated and asked the bakers where i work to show me how to make roses (this was when i worked in the kitchen). Then i worked a summer in the bakery and they were all really helpful in showing and explaning things to me. Showing an interest made them happy to show me, like how you went in on your day off. good luck.

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