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    Hey guys I reciently created a blog on wordpress for documenting what I learn at college, work and at home and I wanted your opinion on any ideas on how to improve it or what kind of things to post etc.

    It has a section about me and my career and articles about what I have learned and the site is updated daily with new posts on what i have done that day.

    It has just starting and for the next little while my posts are going to be mainly on building my foundations on technique and preperation but also getting to know my ingredients and their tastes etc.

    I would appreciate all feedback and anyone who would be able to help me further it or give me feedback on my posts would make all the difference in my learning process.

    The site is

    I hope you like it and please share your opinions.

    Thanks :)
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    English is not my native language, but i find your redaction somewhat odd. Example:

    When you cook with the garlic it can be cooked with whole, sliced or crushed depending on the dish and the cooking method. How you use the garlic depends on how you intend to use it. If you need to slice the garlic which I do for crushing to slice the garlic very fine.