My Chicago Trip - Alinea, Rick Bayless, Publican....

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Wow LONG time no post....sorry everyone, my day job has me pretty busy.

We went to Chicago right before Christmas last year and despite it being a blizzard and cold, we absolutely LOVED it. I'd say it's one of the best foodie/culinary city in the US. We also have some friends there so we decided to take a 4 day weekend and call it mini-culinary-getaway, since our new jobs don't let us have an official 'vacation' this year. 

We flew out of JFK...not because it's easy or cheap....but because we actually enjoy Jet Blue's terminal 5 dining! Crazy right? but both JFK and Newark have some really good places to catch a bite. In JFK we usually go to 5teak and in Newark there is a nice wine bar I go to. I know this is crazy, and coming from a guy who is a huge spoiled cocktail nut who's very picky...but the bar at 5teak makes the BEST manhattan. They don't do much anything different, so I can't tell you 'what' it is...but it's just...good.

We stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel, mainly for the pool. 

Nice hotel, right on the main/touristy part of town (which, I kinda hate, had a nice pool!). It just so happened that the weekend we pick to go to chicago, they are filming Transformers 3 right out front! This was kinda neat, but grew old quick with the gawking crowds.

The cheapo plane ticket is worth it JUST to go to Rick Bayless's restaurants. He has three, Xoco, Frontera Grill, and Topolobampo. Last trip we went to all three, this year we only went to Xoco and Frontera Grill as we saved a the higher end dinner for......(surprise I'll tell you down below)

 Here are some pictures from Xoco. It's Rick's 'fast food' type place. Imagine what Chipotle SHOULD be like. x100.

I got a pork sammy with pickled onions and a habanero salsa. The habanero salsa was awesome, hot, but so good, you kept going back...

Laurie got the same thing, only in a salad...

We shared Churros and Ice cream for dessert..These churros are 'da bomb'. yo.

After lunch I went inside to hit the head and as I'm coming out, guess who's walking by! The MAN himself. Chef Bayless!! I said hi to him, shook his hand and that was that. Little did he know that so far this is my second trip to Chicago, PRIMARILY to JUST visit HIS restaurants!

We didn't fill up too much, because that night, we had a 'special' reservation....ALINEA!  26 'official' courses (more like 30) and wine pairings (~12). 6 hours. we sat down at 7 and didn't leave until around 1am! I was a little apprehensive as 1.) It's expensive. Not that we don't like spending money on food, we spend astronimical amounts for good meals...I'll drop 500$ on a dinner without blinking if the food is good...but the last 'big' dinner in Chicago we had was Charlie Trotter's and at 800$, it was less than good, and actually quite 'bad'. 2.) I'm not the biggest fan of molecular gastronomy (or whatever the cool kids or the anti-cool kids are calling it nowadays.

Well, it was THE most expensive meal I've ever had, but also one of THE best dining experiences I've ever had! We knew it was going to be an awesome experience so we invited another foodie couple to enjoy it with us. I'd say this meal is best done with a 4-top. I won't even get into every detail or I'd have to write a book, so I'll give you the short.

- The staff was awesome - very unpretentious, very knowledgeable, very down to earth, very funny (and they laughed at OUR jokes too). Best line of the night? Staff, after handing Kelvin a bite of something and Kelvin asking what it was 'just put it in your mouth'...Kelvin: 'Oh, I've been to one of THOSE parties before'
- The kitchen was manned by no less than 20 people, possibly more.
- after 26 courses and 12 matter how 'small' the courses are, that's a good amount of food!
- Chef Achatz made our dessert, not tableside, but tableTOP!
- Best dish? way too many to list a favorite. really. but probably the spring roll with pork belly you made yourself. 
- Worst dish? for me, the crab dish, BUT only because I don't care much for crab at all.

I can't even explain the dessert. (well the LAST dessert). 1.) I was a little buzzed by then... 2.) I just can't even explain it...there was liquid, there was smoke, there was nitrogen, there was chocolate, and there was menthol. was SO DAMN awesome.

I can't even explain the experience...I know this sounds silly, but I felt like it was the NYC marathon of dining, in all ways.

Here is our menu, if you want to view it. The 'bubbles' are the size of the portion compared to the others...

So what's a guy to do to cure a food coma hangover? Mexican BRUNCH at Frontera Grill!!

We ate brunch, but we really didn't feel like eating a dinner, so we went to The Violet Hour. A speakeasy cocktail bar that serves some great cocktails. 

From the outside there is no sign, just a kinda hidden 'door'.

 I like these rules!

Out last night, we had reservations for another place we went to last time The Publican. It's basically a concept that seems to be the trend in newer restaurants nowadays...casual dining, community type seating, meat, and beer. It was pretty awesome as well. The company was great too! 
Funny, 3 seats down...guess who is also dining there? RICK BAYLESS! ha. we know how to pick'em.

Before our flight, we hitched a ride to Chinatown and ate at a place recommended by Joe...Lao Sze Chuan. It was great!

Another Honorable mention, the place we ate at the night we arrived, because they had a late night menu, was the Purple Pig on Magnificent mile....very cool small plates menu and great wine list. 

Our only complaint was the food options at O'hare...come on guys, get your act together! 
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WOW.....a tabletop dessert !

Thank you so much for sharing your experience, the pictures say so much but being there.....the excitement of it all...thanks for sharing the details too. Food coma hangover ..... ? lol

Welcome back....

justin thomas

I stayed at the Intercontinental, that pool was super rad.  Can't wait to get enough money to go back home and eat :)
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I stayed at the Intercontinental, that pool was super rad.  Can't wait to get enough money to go back home and eat :)
Indeed. We got suckering into doing this triathlon thing and are hooked, so being without a good swim for us is tough.  

The problem I have with Chicago, is it's such a food rich city, but I always want to return to the same places because they are so good that it's hard to try 'new' places!


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Wow!  Nice dessert!  Nice everything actually.  Glad to have you back.
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