My Bresaola:

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    Hey folks - 

    I will be using top round beef and be doing a twenty one day cure.  How does this cure sound:

    Trim all the fat and silver skin save for the innermost vein of silver skin so as to maintain the shape of the beef.  My salt cure mixture will be a mixture of persian rock salt/coarse kosher flake, juniper berry, cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg.  

    7 day salt mix cure

    Remove and wipe down.

    7 day Malbec cure

    Remove, dry.

    7 day cheesecloth lattice tie and hang.

    Sometimes it comes out at 30% size reduction a day or two prior and sometimes a day or two after, but regardless, sound tasty?

    Typically I enjoy roasting off some asparagus, and combining it with and herb-infused chevre and sun-dried tomato inside my paper thin slices of bresaola.  I definitely top it all off with my white-balsamic blueberry gastrique.