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I been wanting to start the only bakery in this county. Now its my big chance. I was asked to supply dinner rolls and some other bake goods to a pot luck at a church. A man that owns 5 restuarants in this area will be attending. He is a hard man to corner to sample my stuff. I have tried several times but I always just missed him.

I need a over the top recipe for dinner rolls. For family and friends I would just make a standard white bread maybe heavy on the butter and spice it acording to the main course. They're good but not as light in texture as I would like. I would love to impress him to start getting my name out there.

Any suggestions?

Thank you
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Clovers and butter flakes made in muffin tines are always pretty. You could make three different flavored doughs for your clovers. Triple braids are also pretty. I'm assuming your going to make a "soft crusted dough" recipe? If you have time make the dough in the sponge method to develop more flavor, if time is an issue use the straight dough method. Regardless, good luck and keep us posted.
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Crescents....always beautiful. My recipe is always very tender and light.

Into 8 cups water add 6 Tablespoons yeast and let soak.

In mixer: 4 cups sugar
8 eggs
4 cups warm milk
1 pound melted margarine
4 teaspoons salt
When mixed together add your yeast mixture.

In a separate bowl place 32 cups flour
Pour the mixture over the flour and mix in with a spoon until all is moistened.
Cover with film wrap and let rise.

After it has risen...using additional flour to keep the stickiness down, form into 24 equal pieces and place on floured wax paper.

Roll each piece out like pie dough using flour underneath and additional flour on top as needed.
Butter the top and cut into 8 wedges.
Roll up from the large end to the small end. Place on baking sheets to rise again.

When "light". Bake at 350 until golden. (about 15 minutes.)
Brush tops with egg white glaze or butter.

This will make 192 nice crescents.

Recipe may be halved if needed.
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