Mustard oil, what more to expect?

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    I was watching Rick Stein's first edition of a new series on the BBC about India and I noticed Indian people using mustard oil to fry in. I can get this oil in ethnic shops, so I wanted to try it out.

    Yesterday I roasted this chicken on a "bed" of fresh tarragon, garlic and preserved Maroccan lemons (under the chicken). Then I brushed the whole chicken and garlic with mustard oil and added pepper and salt (fleur de sel). The result; quite a nice but not too pronounced very longlasting taste. But what I noticed is that the oil kept nearly all moist in the animal and did not color too much. I expected otherwise, since my oven was at a high 200°C and the chicken was in there for one whole hour!

    So if you have any experience with mustard oil, could you give some more information about the use of it in food? Which dishes etc.? All I can add is that the ingredientlist is ultra short; 100% mustard oil.