Mustard Greens

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My favorite gardner (AKA spouse, AKA better half) planted a lot of mustard greens in her garden this year. All the recipes she can find are variants on "sauté in olive oil and garlic".

Since she's on a low-fat diet and allergic to garlic, this won't work. Does anyone have a good, low-fat, no-garlic recipe for mustard greens?



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I had never heard of cooking mustard greens until I was older. We used it in salads or on sandwiches as a change of pace, but watch out for older, late summer mustard greens. They can be really hot!! My bother and I used to have contests to see who could eat the most mustard greens off of the large plants that my parents had let ''go to seed''.:D

As for cooking, I love to saute them in butter and bacon fat. I also think that creamed mustard greens would be really good, though I cant' say that I have ever tried it.
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I cook Mustard just like Kale or Collards. Simmer them for an hour in just enough water to keep them from burning with a little piece of hog jowl or seasoning bacon. Eat them with a splash of vinegar and a chopped up hard boiled egg. Save the remaining pot likker to soak your cornbread in.
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i try to be modest, but sometimes it is hard. i absolutely hated greens until the day i cooked them myself. it is such a common thing in the south but hardly anyone does them right. here is the method i use , and i will give the modificatons as per your wifes diet. also i know it is a bit strange,, but i prefer frozen greens to fresh,,,, don't know why but it works for me.

one frozen block greens-aprox 2 pounds or 1.5 lb fresh
tsp crushed red pepper
heaping tbsp. garlic(simply omit)
1 quarter cup brown or raw sugar
one quart strong chix stock
2 large onions
8 pieces of bacon(sub tasso, or turkey bacon for low fat)
1 stick butter(cant help you there- butter rules)
salt and pepper to taste

sautee bacon till crispy, add onions garlic pepper and butter, wilt onions, add sugar and let incorporate add greens and stock, let simmer for 45min to an hour,, until bitter taste is gone and greens begin to turn a brownish color, salt to taste. they arent that pretty,, but then again they are just greens.
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