Must avoid facebook...

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 Well until after the elections..

It seems that alot of the locals on my friends list are posting a ton of election junk and I must say that I totally do not agree with their posts so I have to sit on my hands and bite my tongue.   If I were to reply I suspect I'd make alot of enemies even though I am speaking the truth.  

For you guys on my fb... if I am MIA this is why.. and after the blooming election I'll post again.


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I deleted my Facebook account months ago. It's a disaster of a system and a time waster. I want more than a soundbite relationship with people.
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I love mine....there's an almost daily connection with people I'd normally not talk to but perhaps 1x a year. 

Though there were some contacts that were not a good combo....extreme lefts and rights and they were they are now hidden.

So cool to see my 3 month old blurbs of her gurgling & "talking".
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 I like it too, it's just that I don't think it's the place to be discussing something so controversial as politics.. all of us have our own political opinions and well, not everyone is going to agree. 

I have alot of family on mine, and it's nice to see updates from them, especially the ones we see maybe 4x a year.  
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Hey you know you can "hide" updates from friends. Then you won't know and be annoyed by their opinions. That way you can still have facebook and not be annoyed /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smiles.gif


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I have hidden updates from numerous friends that insist on telling me every thing there kid did in the day. I am with Phatch is is a huge time waster. 
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 Bah!  Talk about "broadcasting yourself"  I personally hate self promoters.. and I keep my fb pretty quiet.  I do post updates on my kids though as I have alot of family on there.  I also do Max updates... Max is my oldest and he is a brain tumor survior.  He has been to hell and back with his tumor. 


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Well what is facebook for then if it's not for broadcasting stuff you did?
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Meh,  You don't miss what you don't know about.....

I guess some could say I have a learning disability.   I prefer to think that I learn very well, BUT if you insist that I know should know something that I don't, well then, I will dig in my heels and flat-out refuse to learn it.

Unfortunately Facebook falls under this category, as does Twitter, and so does reading music and Algebra, base ball, compass reading, ( Special thanks to St. Phillip's primary school for ignoring those subjects), and in general, all computer software programs.

Who me?  Learning disabIilty?  Naw........
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