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    Since I haven't made many ice-cream am not sure if the folowing is normal or not:

    I have a musso pola commercial ice cream machine which has a built in freezer and it seems to be working fine; however once the mixture freezes the blades stop churning. Is this normal? At the same time what I noticed is that only the bottom is completely frozen while the top is much softer and sometimes even liquidy. I would think that it should freeze evenly. Does anyone have any experience with this or tell me if I am doing something wrong?

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    So I tried a couple more recipes and realized the blades did not stop churning until the mixture is frozen solid and I should not be going this far in the first place. Also I made sure that my mixture was homogenized so there were no heavy particles like pistachios sinking to the bottom and freezing.

    Is there a way to achieve overrun in these machines without the use of stabilizers? My original and final volume is always the same
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