Mussels recipe and preparing

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Hello all!

I have recently been shopping for new foods at Waitrose and have come across Mussels. They come in a plastic bag which you boil (locks in the flavours) and there you go.

I am wondering if there is anyway of getting the mussels out of the shell quickly and efficiently and what would you recommend to go along with the meal.


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They come vacuum packed in plastic with the shell? Pre cooked, shelf stable mussels? 

No, just no. 

Buy fresh mussels, and cook those. Mussels are one of the easiest things in the world to cook, you could google hundreds of recipes. And I guarantee that whatever you make will be 100x better than boil in a bag mussels. 

Just think what chemicals and processes they must use in order to make that? 

The easiest way to get them out of the shell is to just use your fingers. You could break the mussels in half and use one of the half shells as a kind of shovel to scoop the other mussel out, but your fingers are faster. 

Just, seriously, try fresh. Super easy. 


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Unfortunately, Someday, it's not always easy to get fresh mussles in some places.
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I think I know of the ones you're talking about, in the freezer section? They're actually pretty good, I eat them on the nights when I am exhausted and done want to cook, perfect portion for me and I don't even bother to make pasta. The ones I get are in a garlic butter sauce and just pour in a little white wine if I've got it. Easiest way to eat for me is to rip apart the shells and use one to scoop out the other. If you're trying but to make them in bulk though I believe they sell the mussel meat as well without the shell.
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