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What kind of music do we listen to in the kitchen and off hours? Does anyone play in a band?

I was given a subscription to CMJ magazine a few years ago and have been keeping it up to date. They send a CD with each issue. The tunes are a sampling of what's new from techno to folk, rap and rock. It's really swell. they have a web site too.

Got to thinking about music today when I got the chance to hear WFMU FM (New Jersey station) on the radio. Free form radio at it's best. Some weird stuff and some great stuff. Sometimes I will listen to them off the net, but the radio is so much better.

When I have really intence work to do, Bach in the kitchen. I don't know why, mellow classical music gets the mind moving.
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Classical to create, Classic Rock for prep and Oldies to clean by.

To relax, I've gotten into the "nature" sounds. 80's for fun. Sinatra and Nat King Cole for a little Romance...
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