Music in the kitchen

Should music be democratized in the kitchen? That is, should every employee be entitled to their choice of at least one hour of the music played?

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Joined Mar 17, 2011
How does music help in completing the task at hand?

How does it distract?

Some might say that music adds to the other distractions, such as industrial noise. Does this mean it should be eliminated completely? 

Does the inability to work comfortably in silence or claiming monotony because of it say anything about the cooks integrity?

What's the best kind of music to listen to in the kitchen? Regardless of overall opinion, what might be a personal favorite?

What might be a personal dislike?

Doesn't music to some extent directly correlate with the kitchen as it does with other restaurant settings?

Did you know that in 1942, the song "Deep in the Heart of Texas" was banned in certain workplaces because it caused for employees to stop what they were doing in order to take part in hand-clapping?
Joined Oct 10, 2005
Music is a pesonal thing, what I like is not the same as everyone else, and I'm the boss......

So for me, music goes off unless one guy is working alone.

If you're prepping alone, by all means, crank up the tunes.

The last thing you need in a busy kitchen with the ventilation system going, fridge compressors kicking in, Chef yelling out orders, and regular noise, is more noise.

And that is what music is when you don't want it, noise.

If there's more than two people in the kitchen, no music.

Ya gotta respect the others, and respect your own sanity.

What happens in a kitchen is not mindless work, you need to focus, need to concentrate and need a clear mind.

It's not everyone hoisting stone blocks onto an Egyptian pyramid 

Yes it's team work, but every member has a different job.

I like what I like, and hate what I hate.

Some of thing I hate are:

Opera--in all of it's 3 forms: European, Chinese, and 'mericun (Broadway musicals)

Anythng with hand organs or bag pipes

Solo singers
Joined Feb 17, 2010
My kitchen, my tunes. End of story. I would relinquish control to the boys at the end of the night when they were cleaning up.

Then it went to rap or spanish. I'll listen to just about anything but rap.
Joined May 5, 2010
My kitchen, my music.

Classical on Sunday brunch

Classic Rock during prep

No music during service, gotta concentrate on what I'm doing

clean up time is usually whatever the crew wants......I'm in the office doing paperwork
Joined Jul 28, 2001
Hey Geoff,

  I certainly didn't mean to hyjack your previous thread. I apologize.

When younger. I had a tape of classical cuts I always played. Not to soothe me though.

From favorite movie scenes. Beethoven's 9th from a clockwork orange and

Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries from apocolypse  now etc.

My kitchen, my box, my tape.sorry.

back in the pit--tejano

Joined Mar 17, 2011
Thanks for the replies. I should have looked at previous posts on music in the kitchen before my own. That's what I get for thinking I was original. Regardless, there is plenty of information that is needed for my paper. A forum can work wonders in locating primary sources in this area.

And to panini. You didn't hijack. I simply overstated my questions. Noone wants to answer that much in one forum sitting. People like to keep it simple by answering stuff like their favorite 2 CD's. Genius.

And on the plus, I actually need negative comments in opposition to my thesis. Winning.

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