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When I cook or develop recipes, I like to listen to music. My question is, does music influence the way you cook at the moment? Does it influence what your palate experiences? And does it dictate the spices or seasonings you use?
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I'd like to think it does.
It seems like whenever I have Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin playing I am in the mood to cook Italian food and drink red wine.
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Ifr it's music I hate, I don't do much of anything until either I or the music goes.

If it's music I like, it goes into the background and I focus on the task ahead.
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/img/vbsmilies/smilies/lol.gif   That's funny, I'm just the opposite: I like to cut meat when I listen to Slayer.
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music in the kitchen keeps my mind from wandering. 

we constantly have music...first come first serve for rights to the ipod dock.

one of my cooks was feeling melancholy one day and was playing nothing but ella fitzgerald, nina simone, etc.  we had to put an end to that...we were falling asleep.

mostly its a nice mix of classic rock, punk, hardcore, or reggae.  quite the diverse kitchen staff...
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The Chef/Owner of the restaurant I work at is one cool cat. He's an old school punk rocker / skateboarder. He will make a playlist on his ipod that is about 10 hours long. There are speakers wired throughout the entire restaurant, and 2 speakers wired to the kitchen. This way, we are listening to the same music as the dining room, without the diners noticing our loudness in the back of the house. It also eliminates the problem of people fighting over what to listen to, or having your cooks spending more time scrolling through their ipods than cooking. It works out great! BUt yes, whenever I cook without music i always feel like something is missing. 

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