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I was just wondering if anyone could suggest a good all-in-one sort of vitamin I could take. I'd even be willing to make my own. I eat cereal with a banana at 9 45am and then don't eat until anywhere from 7 00 to 9 00pm, never sitting down between. I'm young and in okay shape, and otherwise healthy, but I know I don't eat right and I don't get enough sleep. That's why I was thinking it might help me to take some kind of supplement. Any suggestions?

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Your question is one you should ask to a doctor not a cook. 

On this forum we can help you figure out what good food you can eat.  If we gave advice on pills, you should probably not trust what we say because our knowledge of medicine is like any other layman's.  

I see you graduated from culinary school.  That implies (I hope) that you're curious about food and like to prepare things and eat them.  I see no reason why you can't eat a nutritious diet with a late breakfast and a dinner at 7. But it may not be the healthiest way to eat.   Of course, I wonder, why don't you snack during the day?  Don't you get hungry?   There are lots of healthy things you can eat in between: nuts, raisins, small sandwiches, hummus, a chicken leg left over from supper, carrots, piece of cheese, whole grain bread...need i go on?  
Pills will not give you protein or carbohydrates or fats or roughage.  And who's to say that we know all the substances that are necessary that we can put in a pill. 
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I'm all for meeting your needs through diet as well.  Snacks.  More snacks.

If you're really keen on a nutritional supplement you could do worse than 'Double X' by Nutrilite.  It might be difficult to get ahold of, since it is one of many private franchise brands sold exclusively through an mlm.  When I was taking it there was a SIGNIFICANTLY noticable difference in my energy, focus, and general health.  It isn't cheap, but well worth it imo if that's the route you want to take.

I still vote nutrition-through-diet, though.
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 Yeah, I definitely realize and agree that diet is the key to nutrition. And I've never been one to take drugs, either. I don't take anything when I have a headache or an upset stomach etc, I think mostly because I don't like the idea of becoming dependent on drugs in any way.

With the hours I work and how busy we all are, there just isn't time to eat or snack until dinner. I don't find it difficult to make it through the day or anything. My concern was really that I'm depriving my body of balance in only eating twice a day and being physically active throughout. I'm thinking just taking some simple vitamins would do me some good. I'll see what my doctor has to say.

I thought I'd ask here anyway, just in case there were other restaurant slaves who are used to kitchen life and might have some tips to share. Thanks for your responses!
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Although I wouldn't condone your eating habits as healthy I think you can get away with it if you're eating a sufficient breakfast.... which you're not.  I'f you'll be working all day then you need a complex breakfast and that means protein.  If you bulk up your breakfast more (eggs, yogurt, honey, sandwich, fruits, etc.) you should be fine with nutrition as long as you're getting plenty of veggies during the day.

Keep a handful of peanuts in your pocket during the day.  I don't care how busy you are, everyone has time to reach into their pocket.

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