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Greetings! I’m new around here so I hope starting a new thread for this okay. I’ve never been much of muffin person until I found a recipe for garlic cheese muffins with French thyme.

I like savory muffins as opposed to sweet, nutty, or fruity muffins.

I’m wondering, if anyone here can give me some ideas for other savory muffins? What combinations can I add to my basic muffin mix that might be stellar?

Mrs. B
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I assume you are talking about American-style 'cakey' type muffins? British muffins are more bread-like.
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Thank you for the flavor suggestions Chef Brown,

Being a homemaker with a very limited knowledge of techniques, I'm grateful for any and all suggestions.

Right now I'm thinking of pairing mushroom with Asiago. I've seen Asiago used a lot in bagels and stuff but which mushroom? And would the mushroom be sauted or grilled first?

Today I got out of my box today and tried a Sage Dressing Muffin. I found the recipe in issue 59 of Cuising at Home and adapted it a bit. :thumb:

Mrs. Bushaxe
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I would cook the mushrooms first to get some water out.
Saute with butter, salt and herb. Or Grill then chop.

The most important thing is to relax and enjoy what you're doing!

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