Much better service!

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Well last week I posted about the service from **** and I'm happy to say that yesterday's busy Saturday service went really well and it was all in how I staffed the kitchen. I had everyone working at their strongest stations and even though I had to do the board I had another guy working it with me so that when the egg station got busy I jumped in and helped him through the rush. We did have a situation (plate break on a grill) and that did back us up a little but I just told the pass to tell the servers that we had an equipment issue and wait times will be up while we work to catch up again and everyone seemed ok with that. I did have to put one guy in his place so to speak and I know he didn't like it but he at least respected the fact that I was the one calling the shots and that I was handling things the way I was not to be powertripping but to make sure plates went out on time and were done properly. It felt really good to have had such a good day!
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I love it when everything "clicks" and the kitchen really throws down the thunder!:thumb: That adrenaline rush is one reason it's so hard to stay out of the kitchen. It sounds like you're really growing into your new position, so congrats! Enjoy it when things go never seems to last too long!:lol:
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Thanks! Today was another good day just like yesterday and honestly it is all in how people are placed that works. The KM called board.. he was going to let me do it but I really wanted to cook because I miss doing eggs so he did and we ended up behind a few times and one station got slammed but we made it through and today was the second day in a row the owner came back and gave us all high fives because we were doing so well.

Yeah I'm sure the bottom will fall out at some point but it's nice to bask in the glory while it

I do have a minor issue that I have to deal with. They appointed the one who wanted my position to be kitchen supervisor in our absence and in all honesty he was not anyone's first choice however given our current staff he was the only choice. He has been giving me attitude at times but in the end respecting the fact that I am in charge in the KM's absence but the friction between us is going to start affecting our performance so we need to address the situation. My biggest problem with him is his work ethic and honestly if he were to clean that up I would be fine with him as KS, but unfortunately he seems to think supervising means telling people what to do while you go sit down yourself and in my experience it doesn't work that way. I'm not sure how to deal with this.. he has more experience with the chain than I do and I think that is part of why he has a hard time taking direction from me but I have more supervisory experience than him and an incredibly strong work ethic. Any suggestions on how to start a chat with him around this would be great!

Otherwise things are good and I think the changeover was a little bumpy but everyone seems to have adapted well.
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I would speak to him after work, or after things slow down.
Pull him aside in private, no one likes to feel like they are under a spotlight with other employees.
Start by telling him the things you like about him, whether it's his knowledge of the chain, whatever.
Everyone's methods are different, but I would tell him that the powers that be above us made a decision as position changes, that there isn't an issue between the two of us, and I am in fact counting on him to help me make this work.
You could even say one of the reasons you felt comfortable with your promotion was that you knew you had someone with his knowledge backing you up.
Then frankly tell him where you see a problem.
I would say that he can either be part of my solution or part of my problem.
If he chooses solution, great, we can move on and continue in a positive manner.
If he chooses problem, whether by statement during the conversation or by actions follwoing it, I would let him go.
I would make it clear to him that those are the options, help me or leave.
Finish up by telling him that if he can correct whatever issues you laid out, you would then have this guy who had all of the positive things you first mentioned as well as all of the corrected issues, giving you one of your more valuable employees.

Others may be able to make my advice more intelligable, or have better advice.
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Jim thanks for the advice! I worked with him today and it was pretty good. I do still see a work ethic concern with him but I did notice a few things about him that I didn't see before.

What I had originally thought was attitude with him is in fact his sense of humour. He's actually quite the wise guy and I haven't worked closely with him until now so I really didn't see what a smartass he is and he can take as good as he gives too.

He seems more aware of food costs and waste now as well as keeping the ticket times to standard.

I think the KM is going to end up addressing the work ethic issue with him as he has some concerns with the early part of the week and he has to fix that if the Mon-Wed service is going to work well.

The one thing I did notice with him that is the same whether it is me or the KM who has to direct him is that he does not seem to like to take direction and I noticed he was less than pleased when the km told him that it was not a wise choice to go for a break (and he likes to take his full half hour all the time) when lunch was just starting. He's not used to the early week though so maybe one of us should have suggested he go earlier as we are skeleton staffed and need all hands on deck in the lunch hour so we're to blame for that as much as he is.

Thanks so much guys for letting me ramble on.. it really helps to get input from everyone!!
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