Moving to paris in 2015

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    Hello I am Rodrigo, brasilian guy from Amazonas, 

    Well, i am moving to paris to study, so i am looking for a school, cze all the things i know, like Cordon Bleu and Ferrandi are already full this time. I just want to get french cooking and technics classes. 

    and do you people know how can i look for a place to rent there?? that part is worst, cze i really dont find some good in Paris. Most of them are too expensive or far from you know some site that i can do this searching? 

    thanks! hugs for you all
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    Oi Rodrigo, prazer.... I honestly think that before moving to Paris and going basically half way across the world to attend a culinary school, you should first get a job in the culinary field, be it working prep or washing dishes, because regardless after school you arent going to be taking any high end or great positions without the work experience to back it up. If you want to work in the culinary industry get a job, the Amazon has some amazing restaurants, some amazing produce, fruits, vegetables, and their are just so many local producers raising alligators, ostriches, emus, and savage pigs used in some of the worlds best Brazilian cuisine. 

    Before investing money in a culinary education work in the field and attempt to gain some experience first. 

    Without already applying to a school the most you will be able to get is a tourist visa to Paris, and with that you arent going to be able to live, work legally nor study in Paris. 

    So why not put some effort into getting a job and having certainty that you want to enter the industry and remain in it. 

    For an immigrant to rent a place in Paris, isn´t easy unles you are rich, or have connections in the country. 

    Either you get a student visa and prove you are studying, so you can rent a room without needing references and lots of documentation, or you go to paris with a suitcase full of cash ready to rent out a place on the spot. 

    Honestly think about, if i were you i would gain some experience in the industry and maybe after a year or 2 go to Sao Paulo and attempt to work in some good restaurants. 

    If you have enough money to waste around 50,000 euros at LCB, why not apply for Anhembi Morumbi. Its got one of the best culinary arts program in Brasil and its a hell of a lot cheaper. My first chef studied there, and participating in some culinary competitions, funded by the college, one of which she one and got a scholarship for a 1 month course at Le Cordon Bleu, all expenses paid, she didnt waste any money aside for food. 

    And better hurry fast, because culinary courses in Brasil only get more expensive, if you go to Anhembi Morumbi you would learn the same things as in LCB and still waste two thirds less then if you were to go to Paris. I know this because i have experience in the field and have worked with many people who have gone to Anhembi Morumbi. 

    My first chef who studied there and then went to LCB said she honestly didnt learn anything new, the teachings were the same...

    If you have money to go to Paris, you certiantly have money to go to Sao Paulo and study gastronomy there, it would be a lot easier and a lot cheaper. 
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