Moving to electric!

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Hi all

In our kitchens we cook large batches and have just been informed that we cannot keep our gas supply so need to change our burners and hot tops to electric.....

I have looked at the Falcon Dominator ranges and wondered if anyone had any recommendations or advice on this?

Also any opinions on induction hobs if they are worth the money compared to normal electric?

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Welcome to Cheftalk.  Look at this site to see what is available.  This is when it is a good time to have a trusted vendor of consultant.  Check with an engineer or electrician about what service you have and what you will need.
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We have an Electrolux 30 inch range thats induction. 6 years old now I think. After you learn the settings for certain things its hard to cook on other peoples stoves. I cook rice that take upwards of an hour without removing the lid I set the timer after it boils to set it to 2.8 put a lid on it and set the timer. Perfect every time. I mention rice because it is very hard to cook perfect rice on many stoves especially if your using the other burners and changing ther temps to much variation in temps on each burner but not with induction. very consistent heat. I think this is the biggest plus to induction let alone the amount of heat and how fast its there.

As far as heat you cant beat it on a normal home gas range. Inductions super fast and very consistent. Youll have to get rid of some of your cookwear and any of your coated pans that cannot handle the new heat your going to have. So the buck wont stop with the stove purchase. But I like cookwear so shopping for that perfect pan is also OK.

I am however looking at commercial electric wok burners. I have not found any flat wok pan to meet my needs. Theres a mid level 3500 watt unit which is more than double the power your going to get out of an induction range its in the $450 range. From there the 220 volt units are not cheap and require more wiring. So if you wok cook a lot your going to find something missing. However there are options.

Id buy another Electrolux if mine failed and could not be fixed knock on wood. The oven is flawless the roller rack supports a huge bird on top of my 1/2" pizza steel which also heats to 700 degrees on broil I make pizza in less than 3 minutes we cook pizza for 8 or more people in less than half an hour everyone makes there own personal pizza. But the induction top is really amazing. I just returned from a vacation and had to cook on two peoples normal ovens wouldnt wish that on anyone.
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