Mother's Day 2018

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Hahaha! It sucked on some level but it was okay overall. Just short staffed compared to what I'd have liked. And we needed one more disher...I felt bad for the guy that had to close so I stayed an extra hour to get the dish pit under control. Even so it only 12 hours so it could have been worse.
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We have a Sunday lunch buffet every week, but switch things up for special holidays throughout the year (Mother's Day being one). We seat 82...had 200 covers from 11am-3pm. Not quite as busy as last year, but not far off. Staffing was as good as it gets. Was a very smooth running day. No complaints.
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Funnily enough, we were busier the night *before* Mother's Day than day-of. I think our busiest service ever. However, we don't do brunch service.
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Two holidays I dread, Easter and Mother's day...1k seats from 10-3.

It's gotten easier over the years, but being back to work on a Sunday morning at 3am to start prepping after a Saturday night..woo!

Good to my guys though, they get to come in at 8 to prep their omelet/carving stations while us two salary scmucks get the good stuff prepped!

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