Most ridiculous complaint that you've heard recently?

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hey, I'll take a "too strong" Manhattan over a watery one EVERY DAY.

I had an older lady tell me yesterday that she didn't like the look of our creamers (they are just very simple white ones) and that it just totally ruined her whole experience. The little cream pitcher for her tea ruined everything for her. But of course she cleaned her plate and hung out for like 2 hours gabbing with her friend.

Saturday I had an order come in for a grilled cheese on our sourdough bread but asked if I could "not grill the bread because it is too crunchy when it is grilled". So I asked the server "She wants an un-grilled grilled cheese sandwich?" /img/vbsmilies/smilies/confused.gif
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This happened to me last week:

"I want my steak well done... Very well done" Says the customer....

The customer left a comment in our comments book... "Everything was excellent... But my steak was a bit too dry" /img/vbsmilies/smilies/mad.gif   

Man!! What were you expecting???.../img/vbsmilies/smilies/crazy.gif
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got to love complaints, had most of them in my time, have a few my self but more like stupid question i guess.

are the beef tomatos vegi?

is there dairy in my bread and butter pudding

my braised beef is to welldone! geez this one creeps up time to time lol

 and how can i forget why is my chilled soup(gazpacho) cold and i noted is was on the menu as chilled

got to love the kitchens! 
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my fish is too fishy

the gluten allergy... i get this one atleast once a week... most of our preped sauces have gluten products...

the shellfish allergy WHEN ITS A CRAB BASED MENU! why are you here?

ignorant customers and their idea of steak temps

"can i get my calimari with less testicles"

and my all time favorite

" i know i ordered raw oysters but i didnt know they were really raw... i though that was just the name, like raaaaw oysters"
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A customer orders Creme' Brulee  sends it back because there is no cream.????????

Orders Beef Strogonoff sends it back because she does not like mushrooms????

Sends back French Onion Soup served in crock  Why?  She is alergic to cheese?????

He didn't like the soup ,and the last time did not like the pizza??? We have never served or sold Pizza????

O N L Y         I N        A M E R I C A
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and my all time favorite

" i know i ordered raw oysters but i didnt know they were really raw... i though that was just the name, like raaaaw oysters"
Chef that may be your all time favorite, but I really think you should reconsider ""can i get my calimari with less testicles"

 I don't care who you are, that right there is funny..... /img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif
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the shellfish allergy WHEN ITS A CRAB BASED MENU! why are you here?....
you got anything without so much Crab in it?

Well, we got the Crab, Eggs and Crab, that's doesn't got so much Crab in it./img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif
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 I made a special trip to return these.  I just thought you would want to know. I brought home some of those briskity cookies and my family said  they were stale.

Your things are always so good.

  I told her I knew who made the biscotti and I was going to let her go in the morning.
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Last night, customer complains that the pasta was cold but the sauce was hot.

Another time I made babyback ribs for a member's banquet. After the function a guy pulls me aside and says:

"Don't lie to me. Did you boil those ribs?"

No I did not. They were started on the grill & then slow roasted for about 3 1/2 hours.

"I'm not stupid you know. Did you see how easily the meat came off the bone? The ribs shouldn't be like that. If you cook them the right way you need to bite into it & pull the meat away from the bones."

Sometimes you just can't win.
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"Last night, customer complains that the pasta was cold but the sauce was hot."

I would complain too if the pasta was cold and precooked and served with hot sauce on top. I don't know if the Italian chef instructor was BSing us when she said that pasta should be from boiling water directly to the pan of sauce to finish cooking without flame and that the pasta should not be washed or totally drained and should still carry some hot water where it is boiled that should also taste like ocean. I tried. It worked. No salting needed.
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Unfortunately we do pre-cook pasta for a la carte service. In this case It was a party of 30 with family style pasta course. We boiled the penne fresh for the party. The complaint came from one person only.
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I loved the comment about the ribs. Food is so subjective and everybody thinks their way IS the only way.
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Had a guy order a steak medium. He also went through the trouble to define medium to the kitchen, as it stated on the ticket. "Medium, pink throughout, no red, not dry." Regardless, I cooked him a flawless, perfectly pink steak. Sends it back because it's still red. Cook it off more.  It comes back. Repeat two more times. Apparently, despite him having a perfect understanding of what "medium" means, he actually wanted a well done steak.

Can't please all the people all the time.
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Bah .. had  stupid one today.. customer asked for a panini with blueberries instead of ham.. then sent it back because there were " mouldy stains on the eggs"... hmm those stains were the blasted blueberries and their juice for crying out loud... I suspect the meal was comped as the customer was sure it was mould...
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Wow haha. Diners can be so...uncivilised. My recent best was a diner ordering a steak "very rare," them sending it back because "it was not cooked enough."
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