Most Popular Cooking Challenge???


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Thought everyone would find it interesting what the most popular cooking challenges have been since they started. You can view all cooking challenges here:  [article="28043"]Cheftalk Monthly Cooking Challenges​[/article]  

And the most popular cooking challenges are:

[thread="79353"]February 2014 Fish Challenge  [/thread]
[thread="76411"]Challenge July 2013 Pork  [/thread]
[thread="76835"]Challenge August 2013 Tomatoes  [/thread]
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The most popular challenges were in the early years.  What can we do to increase the participation now?  Anyone have any suggestions?
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Ehhh depends on your metric. January 2016 had 300+ replies. If you count views, of course older threads have more clicks over time.

Also I would guess the site has more concurrent active topics at any given time to split peoples attention
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In the earlier challenges a lot of people posted "old" dishes.
Now it is only dishes made in the month of the challenge, which I think is a big improvement.
I like these challenges as they make me try different styles and techniques.
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I just read back through the entire "Fish Challenge" thread and honestly that is the best example of the true beauty of this little website I think anyone could find. It illustrates everything that is good and right with the community; encouragement, questioning, support, passion etc. That was one heck of a month.. @Nicko even came out of his shell and posted multiple entries!

Two years later - in a world that seems to be spinning out of control, I had tears in my eyes re-reading some of the exchanges that took place that month. I am very proud of all of you, and even if only through the digital world I consider you all friends and kindred spirits.


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@eastshores  I forgot that I made the smoked salmon for the fish challenge that was a good topic. Thanks for the kind words about
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