Most obscure / crazy recipe that ever was.

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    Hello every one.

    I recently came across a US Army cooking school recipe book from 1906, where "fried mush" is the predecessor to polenta, "hearts horn" is used in place of baking soda, and there is all sorts of interestingly curious and oddly practical recipes like "cracker pudding". 

    Here is a recipe from the book for "oyster potpie":

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    Oyster potpie (for 20 men).

    Make crust as follows: Take 3 pounds flour. 1 pound lard. 2 ounces baking powder, 2 ounces salt, and water enough to make a stiff dough. This does for any kind of meat pie. Take 3 cans oysters, fresh or cove oysters, 1 quart milk, ¼ pound butter, ¼ bunch parsley. Put on stove and let come to a boil. Thicken with ¼ pound flour, mixt in ½ pint cold water. Should be baked about ¾ hour.

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    So I want to ask - What is your oddest yet real recipe?  Would you dare to modify it and serve it today?  (Or have you already?)


    BTW, here is a link to a free download of that book:
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    i made a bacon and maple syrup infused cheesecake for the owners of the place i was working at in SD. and it was tasty...yet, i couldnt sell owners on whether clientele would be 'sold', on it, or not:/