Most important trade shows to you


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I would really like to hear from the chefs what are the most important trade shows to you?

The NRA show in Chicago comes to mind? What else is a big one? Are their catering trade shows? Pastry Chef Trade shows?


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Anyone else have some input here? Would be great to hear from others.
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The Chicago show at the McCormick center is huge.

I always go to the Javits center for the Ihmrs, It's great to see the culinary salon and watch the pastry championship. I usually stay downstairs, I mean I can only see so many carpets and doors.
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I always thought the NRA show was the big Kahuna. Great show, Great city, lots of great restaurants.
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The NRA show in Chicago was always a must for me. I really miss Chicago for that one thing. I think the last one I attended was 1990. Lotsa great products, networking and can't forget the last day wholesaleing of everything. Man were there some great finds!:smokin
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Its a shame that the city of Chicago is going to screw us over and move the show. Its too expensive to keep the show in Chicago. If you need something to be plugged in at your booth they make you use a union electrition (no joke). I do not know if they move the show if i would still go to it every year.
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Fancy Food in NYC, one in SF and Chicago......Catersource, Michael Roman has had classes during the Chicago one.  I've really learned from the ones I attended.  After going to several of the shows, they seem to not vary very much.  Fun though.

Catersource has a huge event in Los Vegas the end of Jan which always came at a very bad time for me..(directing mainstage for Food & Wine in STL).....caterer friends that have attended say it was worth going....they always came back with interesting ideas.

Pastry, I don't know......but it would be really fun to see what's available all in one huge spot.  Like premium pastry products instead of fancy food.    One of the small wholesalers in town discontinued carrying Hero compounds, I LOVE THEM......they'll special order for me but if they'd never carried them I'd never know about them.  Ditto snobinettes, felchin (sp?) shtuff...cocoa, tartlet shells...

Euro Imports has a really cool catalog, let me see it, taste it, pick it up and feel it.....I'm more apt to buy more.
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