Most Expensive Meal

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12000 danish krown... lunch for 4 a few months ago ( about 2120 usd ) not bad but it was the tasting menu at noma and worth it in every way from service. when i got home my wife asked the price and i responded with not to ask as i wont be doing it again any time soon since i cant get another table. 
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Our most expensive meal was at Ruth Chris in DC. about $500.00 for two. The reason the tab was so high was because my husbands drink of choice was Johnny Walker Blue. The meal and the experience was totally worth it. We were treated like royalty.

Another equally expensive meal was Sunday brunch at the Ritz Carlton in DC. We drank beaujolais nouveau and champagne. Absolutely worth it, we were treated very well, and had a blast walking around in Georgetown quite tipsy afterwards. The two things we still regret about that experience was not taking advantage of the desserts, and being so hungover that evening that we had to cancel a private limo ride we had planned around DC. It was one of those splurge vacations.

My husband and I are quite picky about where we eat, which is why we don't eat out very often. We rather save up and have one of those "once in a lifetime" dining experiences rather than eat anywhere and take a chance. We rather spend a few hundred dollars on a sure thing, than $80 here and there for mediocre food. We don't ever set out to spend X amount, it sort of just happens that way. For example, I can't seem to justify spending $300.00 set price per person just because it's a certain famous restaurant. We do choose pricier places but we prefer a la carte options, which tend to add up if we're enjoying the establishment, experience, and food.
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Around 2200 dollars here as well at Noma for the tasting manu and fixed wine menu for four persons.

It wasnt the best meal i've had (the deserts were a bit of a letdown) but definatly the most memorable.

The amount of flavor Rene Redzepi and his team can squeeze out of such humble ingredient they use at Noma is nothing short of phnomenal and the service was second to none.
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It's a tie between a honeymoon meal at a Bahama resort, and an anniversary meal in nearby Columbus, OH. Both were well over $300 with drinks and tip for the two of us. I don't think that includes any dessert since we almost never get dessert.

The price was expected at both places and I believe we were both well satisfied with the meal and service both times. The anniversary meal was at a place called Hyde Park and would definitely go there again.

I have a feeling that record will be broken soon when we go to Ruth's Chris in Columbus. We received $200 in gift certificates (to RC) last Xmas and are saving them to apply toward our anniversary meal in October. I hope it will be worth it!
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Twelve years ago, DH and I went to the The HerbFarm outside of Seattle in Woodinville. It was their harvest celebration menu. Nine courses (as I recall) and every one of them was amazing. At the time, it was slightly over $400 and well worth it.
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My fiancé and I got married in Vegas last year and went out for a meal that evening. 4 of us went to jean George's steak house in the Aria and it came to almost $500. And to be honest I wasn't that impressed.
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I set a new personal record(thanks to my boss) at L2O in Chicago.  16 courses, wine with each course and $500pp later we were walking out the door.

Great meal but I wouldn't do it if I had to pay on my own.
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The $500/head meal doesn't seem all that hard to find recently.  My daughter and her husband had one of those five or six years ago at The French Laundry. They and another couple had the degustacion with, since the other guy considered himself a wine expert, a complete range of appropriate wines. They spent four hours and the now-not-uncommon $500 apiece.

With the first of two kids now in college, she says she's not likely to do it again, but looks back on it a truly transcendental experience.

I envy her that experience and the memories, but won't be doing anything like that.

Mike /img/vbsmilies/smilies/crying.gif

Spell-checker challenged my french, but when consulted, suggested Turkestan or Dexedrine among other non-starters. Sounded kind of desperate, actually.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/lol.gif
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cost does not always equal quality.

But if you expect great ingredients, excellent presentation, and personal attention to the plate instead of mass production, you will need to open the wallet.

Every time a friend makes me go to applebees, red lobster, chili's or olive garden, I feel I wasted my money. To me spending 15 dollars per person at olive garden is a complete rip off. BUT I've been to a number of chefs tables including some James Beard winners, where I've spent 200-350 a plate and in most cases, it was worth every penny. OR I can get a sloppy indian taco from the local taco joint and devour it with gusto,
For me spending 280 a plate isn't the "most expensive" IF I enjoyed it. For me, spending 15 bucks a plate for crap is expensive.

AND if I ever get the chance, I'd love to go to Japan to Sukiyabashi Jiro and have omakase from the Master
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Regardless of price almost everybody says it was worth it. It's like your buying a life experience. I usually spend between $150-$175 for two at sushi spots, and I spent $250 for my moms birthday at an incredible French seafood restaurant but I don't really feel these are so big. I hope to make reservations at the French laundry for a vacation in about eight months. I'll probably put away $750-800 and go for a full tasting for two with pairings. *crossing fingers*
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Had a couple friends that ate at one of Thomas Keller's restaurants. They spent about $150 apiece then had to stop at McD's afterwards to fill up.

One of those guys was with me at a $250 per person wine dinner I had one of our vendors pay for. The wine was a 10-year flight of Caymus Special Select. Awesome. The host hosed the hotel we were at on the food budget and we ended up with a meal I was almost embarrassed at for the chef. If it were me, I would have took a loss on that dinner just to look good.
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Had a $300 tab at Mockingbird Bistro in Houston once(including wine and tip). Worth every penny. I have since returned 4 times and its probably my favorite restaurant in Houston.
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I just ate at Alinea a few weeks ago - $450 for one person, with wine pairing.  That is not something I would want to spend on a meal too often!  But, I figure it is a once in a lifetime sort of meal.
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The most expensive meal I've ever had was at Boneta in Vancouver. It was 200 with tip for 2 people. Was it with it? Yes, but by no means was it the best meal I've ever had.
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 Harrisonh: So are people from India now making tacos?  Or are you finding Native Mexicans who are selling tacos?  I guess you lost me on that one, since tacos is not really a Mexican food.
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Ireland, Ashford Castle on my honeymoon. Four course dinner featuring local trout and vision from the property. Came in around $350. Worth every penny! The maitre d' was amazing and the chef's cooking tableside did a fantastic job.
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The most expensive meal we've ever had was a last hurrah dinner before Foiehibition hit California. It was coordinated by CHEFS (Coalition for Humane & Ethical Farming Standards), hosted at Melisse in Santa Monica, and featured a 6 course dinner with wine pairings, each prepared by a different famed chef hailing from Northern or Southern California. $200/person, although that included a $100 donation to CHEFS.

The 2nd most expensive (arguably the most if you don't count donations) was our 10-course dinner at Ken Oringer's Clio Restaurant in Boston. We happened to mention that we were visiting from California and really missed foie gras... Chef did not disappoint! That dinner was $135/person, no wine or drinks. We have no regrets. :)
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