Most Expensive Meal

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Trattoria Del Lupo in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Our first trip to Vegas (2008) and my husband wanted me to have a fantastic experience.

We had a plate of pasta and a salad each, along with one glass of “house wine” for me; our bill was $91, can you believe that? 

And no, it wasn’t worth it. 

My hand made pasta is WAY better.  Sorry Wolfgang...
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I'd be happy to pay most of the prices mentioned on this thread.  In the UK, the cost of a meal, with wine, would be considerably more - and astronomically more if you want to eat at a Michelin starred place like The Fat Duck.  I've eaten the taster menu there (but only once, as I didn't really enjoy a few of the dishes) AND other dishes from the menu.  Whilst Heston's fat thrice-cooked chips are to die for, they cost an arm and a leg!
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DMT, I've spent millions of Turkish lira on one outing of coffee and drinks :) Well, back in the old days, now it's different over there.

Anyway, nothing especially expensive here.
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Living in Scandinavia, prices are even higher than the UK. Including food, drinks and tip, I paid the equivalent of $1111 for a dinner for two not so long ago.

Admittedly, the restaurant was very good and I did save up for several months beforehand.
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Most expensive meal was when wife ordered extra cheese and said "Yes," to counter person who asked "Do you want fries with that?"  So much for retirement.

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Robuchon's Atelier in New York.  The bill came to about $800 for two.

Then we walked over to Le Cirque because she had this thing about crème brûlée, and they are reputed to have the best in the city.  That and a couple of other desserts and dessert drinks later it was another $160 or so.  Since it was just dessert at another place, I am counting it together with the meal, grand total $960.

The meal was totally worth it.  The girl was totally not.
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LOL. I did some homework before posting. This thread was opened 10/16/06 at 5:34 pm. OK, 5 years ago; the last 8 posts in the past 2 weeks. This is cool. I really hate getting gouged for serious coin in return for no-big-deal eats/service. OK, now saying that, I've had numerous dinners (always for 2) at Lone Star Steakhouse, costing north of $60 otd. no problemmo. This past Friday evening I dropped $40 for 2 glasses of wine and 1 bowl of some very pedestrian tortellini. The waitress bought herself an $11 tip by taking a third wine glass off the bill because I didn't like it (I did drink it though). Anyway, a while back I posted about Grant Achatz's new place NEXT. On Thursday they announced their new menu and ticket reservations. I believe the entire weekend sold out in 20 seconds, on-line. Yes, I said 20 seconds. The French Laundry sells out by 10:30 every morning for reservations 2 months ahead.  It's Prix Fixe $270 / service included, to sit down. Their wine list is considerably overpriced, but it's only $90 corkage to byo. per se, another Keller place, is $295 or $185. They have an a la carte menu too. The famed Alinea, in Chicago runs $210 to sit down. It's interesting what people will pay to go out. This is a cool thread. 
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Me and my wife (gf at the time) had our 5 years together at the Ritz Carlton and we got a 7 course meal from the chef.  Everything from filet, kobe beef, abalone, cheeses and more with around 4 bottles of wine.  It was a bill around $700 but luckily I worked there at the time and got it all for free!  Guess this isn't a post for how much I paid, but I would have had to.

Was a great night and food was amazing, Thanks Chef Joe!

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We used to have departmental meetings out in the Bay Area, and one time all went to dinner at Scoma's on Pier 47. The menu really wasn't all that high-priced, but it felt expensive because we were spoiled so outrageously, the food was so wonderful, and the location so cool. I looked out the window at a fishing boat, other piers, and the San Francisco Bay. Since there were about 25 of us, the bill was quite formidable. Close to a thousand, I'd guess. Many of the staff lined up to see us off when we filed out.

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I had dinner at Le Bic Fin on the company dime where I treated 3 other Chefs and the bill was just shy of $2k before tax and tip.  I was audited by the company I worked for at the time even though I had permission from my boss to do this, and was stripped of my travel privaledges for 90 days but man was it worth it.  I can tell you almost EVERY detail of the meal, all 8 courses still to this day and that was back in 05.

For my 40th my wife took me to NYC for dinner at WD-50, I have always been a HUGE Wylie fan, so when we left for my birthday weekend I had no idea what to expect.  The dinner itself was about $200 each for the 12 course tasting, but when you add train tickets, hotel, and everything else we did over the course of the weekend it was expensive.
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An English muffin & Hot Chocolate sitting on a stool, 4 years old, next to my Mom at Woolworth's. I bet Her's and mine together would cost less than .50 at the time, to replace the memory would be priceless.......................
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Oh I, too, loved the Woolworth's counter. Coca cola there (syrup & seltzer) was tops!
My Great Grandmother used to walk my little brother and I down the the Woolworths on Miami Beach for Egg Creams and Grilled Cheese sandwiches on Sundays for lunch.  One of my earliest food memories.
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Blue Hill at Stone Barnes with my gf. The tasting menu along with drinks was over $300 for the two of us and it was an amazing experience and I am going to go back. Even the tasting menu at $110 a person alone is worth it for that type of dining.
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Worth it? I don't know. 

The French Laundry  sells out by 10:30 every morning for reservations 2 months ahead. That didn't start last month. It's been like that since always. That's a lot of people thinking "it's worth it". I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'. 
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Ate at the Four Seasons in NY. Forum of the 12 Ceasars also NY, The Towers Suite,& La Fonda Del Sol. These places are long gone but each one was spectacular in their own right
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was it worth it? I am thinking about going to the french laundry next year..
I think you should go. The place is amazing. I was there in 2002 with a friend. Our tab was over $1,000 with tip and taxes. The place is not that big and I thought there were more wait staff in the room than customers. Each table is watched by close circuit camera so the kitchen knows when to start the next course for each table. I met Thomas Keller after dinner and got a tour of the kitchen. You will not be disappointed.
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We took five grown children with us to celebrate my birthday this year at my favorite sushi place (Maki Zushi) with my favorite sushi chef (Yoshi). The final tab was over a grand. That's why the kids don't usually get invited.    /img/vbsmilies/smilies/lookaround.gif
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