morning. Food photographer here.

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Hi. I have been doing photography for a few years. Before that I was a little bit of time culinary school. They decided that I didn't want to be a chef. Recently I've combined my two interests into food photography. I'm here to learn about food, because there's always something to learn about it. The options range from different types of cuisine, new ingredients, different ways of thinking about plateing. But this is still only a very small portion of what there is to learn.  I will be posting  some photos here soon.So thanks for having me, and have a wonderful day.
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Welcome to Cheftalk.

We are always keen to have new members from all walks of life.  We have some absolutely amazing photography here as well as great articles.

Our members come from all around the globe and all levels of culinary expertise from enthusiastic amateurs (like me) to masterchefs.  Feel free to join on any thread you find interesting or start your own.

I look forward to seeing some of your photography on here, too!

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